‘exciting times’

This week has been full of excitement :)

First I had my work professionally photographed in the uni studio and I cant wait to see the results :)

Then with a little help and some practice I used an old fashion camera and 35mm film to take photographs of my screen prints,

which I have now sent away to be processed and made into slides for my ‘very old’ carousel slide projector….

I’m using the company www.ag-photolab.co.uk and costs £7.89 to process and mount in slides.

The 35mm film cost £10.99 from Carmarthen cameras.

“Stepping out” My exit strategy- Enterprise.

As part of my BA in Fine Art I am required to submit an enterprise module so here goes……

Here’s a few things I’ll be looking at;

  •  Confidence!  ‘being enthusiastic about my work‘ – I was initially embarrassed to show my work and also very timid at other peoples interest in my work; however, through my experiences and pracrice, I have learnt to embrace the viewer’s interest, and show my enthusiasm, this was more engaging to the viewer and they became even more interested.

  • Presenting my work! ‘first impressions‘– selling my work. I need to think about the sort of customer market I will be selling to , how my work is presented considering a range of installations, mounts, frames, blub books and cards.

  • Where?! ‘Internet Presence - Visiting galleries and talking to practising artist has helped me know where and who I’ll be selling my work to. I plan on using my website to sell my work so I will rely heavily on a good internet presence using blogs, Facebook and Instagram as a way for people to see my work.